Athlete’s Statement of Good Health

With individual responsibility I declare that: I am aware of the fact that the races I take part in are an activity that may be harmful for my physical integrity in terms of illness, injury or even death. With this present statement I declare that I have gone through all the necessary medical examinations and the cardiologic checkup in order to make sure that my health and physical condition is fit for taking part in these races. This present statement will be used by the organizers in any case they find necessary. With this statement I take full responsibility for my actions and I report to the trustees of my will, my heirs, my descendants and my closest relatives that: I take part in the races with individual responsibility and I – individually and on behalf of my recipients  – waive the rights to any compensation in case of injury, death, theft or damage to sports equipment during the race and I completely free the organizers of the race and their partners, such as: sponsors, volunteers, judges and bodies. I give my consent to taking any medical treatment or medication in case of injury, accident or illness during the event. I allow the organizers and the sponsors to give my name, my photograph and video taken during the event to the media or wherever they find fitting, within legal limits. The organizers will use this present statement for any legal application they find necessary. I declare that I have carefully read the present document, the announcement and the terns of the race.


I declare that during the last 14 days I have not had any sudden symptoms of fever or cough or breathing difficulties, I have not had any close contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with infection of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and I have not tended to anyone who has been diagnosed with infection of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) or I have not worked with health workers that have been infected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19); I have not visited or been within close distance to anyone that has been diagnosed with infection of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), I have not worked within close distance or shared the same environment with someone that has been infected with the new coronovirus (COVID-19), I have not travelled with a COVID-19 patient in any means of transport and finally, I have not stayed in the same house with a patient infected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

Finally, I declare that I will complete all the necessary statements of good health that will be asked by the Organizing committee before and after the race, according to the instructions of the General Secretariat of Sports as means of protection against (COVID-19).